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Monday Runday Logo

Monday Runday Logo

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Celebrate 10 years of Run Smyrna with a commemorative limited edition anniversary shirt. Select this $40 logo for each short or long sleeve running shirt from the men's or women's collection and we will customize it for you! 

Please indicate FRONT or BACK and make sure you order the same number of logos as you do shirts when you have the coveted discount code so you can get the appropriate pricing in your cart.

Care Instructions

Machine wash with like colors in cold water on a delicate cycle.
You may use a mild detergent.

No Bleach or Fabric Softener!

Tumble Dry on low heat. Remove immediately.

Do not Iron. Do not Dry Clean.

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Comfort and visibility on your next adventure. Easily transition from day to night in our patented performance apparel.


    For decades, we’ve manufactured ANSI safety apparel for America’s workforce, made to fit and to last. Being visible on the jobsite is critical, but being visible when you’re off the clock is what led us to creating WildSpark™. Everyone should be safe, and, especially in low-light situations, everyone should be seen. We all know friends or family who have experienced a near miss, or even an injury, as a pedestrian.

    With the introduction of WildSpark™, we brought the same safety-first thinking to performance apparel. Designed with safety and style in mind, every WildSpark™ garment has reflective properties that are discreet in the daylight but provide high-vis reflectivity in low-light situations, like a roadside. So spark your wild side, and feel safer knowing you’re visible, day or night.


    * WildSpark™ is wildly comfortable and perfect for any adventure – running, hiking, biking, fishing, boating and more.

    * WildSpark™ looks and feels like other performance wear until exposed to a light in low-light.

    * WildSpark™ apparel appears brightly to any drivers as the reflective pattern creates a beacon effect.

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